Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi- THE MAN AND THE DELTA MASSES

Delta State governorship is not a place for a flunky, especially in this millennium era. Sn aspirant must fully understand the functioning of every government system, its agencies, the mind set of the people and the capabilities his team members slated for appoints to lead and execute his vision, the rules and regulations governing these bodies, and especially the Constitution of the Republic. As the governor, is the Chief Security Officer of the state, on whose directives everything succeeds or fails. That person must have an actionable, national vision. It is a position like none other; not just anybody should be given such awesome responsibility especially when it is noticeably clear that he does not grasp the full weight and duties of the office. To govern Delta is not a child’s play nor matter; this is not where one toys with, because governance is a serious business that borders on the lives and affairs of the people, their security, health, welfare, economy and providing necessary infrastructure and sustainable engagements, because people’s lives are dependent on the decisions the governor makes. This office is entirely reserved for the best and brightest among us, the very people with the aptitude, intellect, preparedness, and eagerness to actualize Delta state and national vision. A Delta Citizen who can uphold his states interest above any other thing in amongst the assembly of governor before the presidency exerting the interest of the with confidence and the proper readiness to execute. This personality will be the face of Delta with an in-depth knowledge of the states needs and national aspirations; whoever that should be put in or occupy this seat will determine how far Delta State will go as a state, just as the incumbent governor Okowa, has successfully demonstrated and achieved. Okoma has placed a big shoe of achievement, waiting for a marching feet.
And the Delta masses are pointing at Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, as that 2023 aspirant that will sustain the developmental tempo of the governor with additional leap that will further lift Delta State.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, as an ardent politician knows that politics can never be discussed without protecting the interests of the masses being encapsulated or attended to.
It is therefore, germane to state that the Man Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi as a former minister of education and and entrepreneur of high standards has always been serving the interest of the masses both in Delta and at national level, which qualifies him and singles him out as an eligible aspirant for the Delta State election, as a mass oriented person.

Gbagi has touched the lives of many people in the various offices he has occupied as a civil servant in the state and a public servant as a minister of education.

Gbagi is not a neophyte in the politics of Delta state, he is very visible in the political arena of the state and he is known to be a seasoned politician.
Kenneth Gbagi, is respected loved, trusted and enjoys great follower-ship from the people and Deltans in general.
His performance as a former minister of education has earned him the overwhelming call to join the raise for governorship in the state.

Olorogun Kenneth, has very high respect for governor Okowa, and keeps eulogizing his administrative and developmental feat in Delta and hopes to emulate him who in office cane 2023.
Therefore, it can be said that Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is the Man that can add more feathers to the present socio-economic/ political/ infrastructural developments put in place by Okowa in the state. Since governance is about continuity, Olorogun has promised to uphold the good works of the government for the continued progress of the state .
Deltans, particularly members of the PDP on whose shoulder lies his nomination to bear the the gubernatorial flag are assured by Gbagi, that he will deliver if given the mandate to rule Delta.
Olorogun Gbagi is the man to beat. His political profile as in itself an arsenal to win the race, it is well loaded and speaks much about Gbagi.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi
Former Minister of Education
Delta State Governorship Aspirant .

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