-Says John Kareem.

By Charles Edet

John Kareem in his Facebook account narrated his experience working with opposite gender and appealed to male bosses, including female bosses who forgot the time bound intricate anatomy of women.
Mr Kareem emphasized that most times their nature, interferes with their performance while on duty.
Read him:

“ I was the Divisional Police officer of a Police Station in Abuja in 2019.

In one of the Night visiting round I found my female radio operator sleeping on duty. It is dangerous because she ought to alert the division in case of any command from the headquarters or emergency call.
I insisted she must be subjected to departmental trial which could defer her promotion or reduced her rank.

During the trial I somehow decided to warn her for the last time but keep watch on her as a suspected lacy, malingering or un-serious fellow.
6 months later she put to birth a baby Boy, Alas she was 3 months pregnant when she was sleeping on duty.
Sometimes they are in their monthly period 5 days every 28 days, some have cramps 2 days before it begins. They can’t announce it to you.
What a delicate species of human being.
Lactation period of 1 year follows one day of child birth and 9 months of pregnancy.
Thank God I let her be…. At times female bosses are most inpatient with the female folks.
Treat them special pls with caution, because of the complexity of their configuration, mind you Without this complexity of woman’s body non of us would be in this world. “
Kareem urged Nigerians to circulate these facts to all the bosses that have somebody’s daughter or somebody’s wife serving under them should be tolerated and handled with passion.


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