By Charles Edet

The recognized Sole Presidential candidate of Labour Party(LP) Hon.Sampson Uchenna Charles has resigned his membership of the Labour Party and has withdrawn his candidature under the Party’s platform.
In his letter of resignation dated 29th of May 2023, Hon.Sampson Charles said he decided to quit the Party for several reasons which included , his betrayal by the party’s hierarchy, dishonesty and inconsistent decisions of the Party, which were not consistent with electoral laws of Nigeria over his presidential aspiration, including the fractionalization of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Labour Party, which he tried to unite but to no avail.
When National Detective contacted Hon. Sampson, he told our reporter that “divisions and disagreements amongst the members over my candidature as its sole candidate as at the period I submitted my nomination, they secretly went behind and negotiated to carry out their bidding of bringing in another candidate with a plot to kill my aspiration in a kangaroo convention “
Sampson Charles added that “ all these constituted threat to my 2023 presidential dream, so to actualize this dream, I had to seek an alternative Party to move on.” He said.
“ Most importantly, the pressure from my teaming supporters, the youths and women groups, requesting that I withdraw from Labour Party, to fulfill my presidential aspiration “ SAMPSON Charles states.
The angry Presidential Candidate added that a disorganized political party, and divided executive is a threat and unhealthy to the upcoming 2023 general election” .
“Indeed a factionalized party cannot impact on its electorates , because a divided and non peaceful home cannot stand, particularly in an election period such a home cannot win.” He said.
He said the glaring indices of failing understanding between him and some members of the Exco , was on monetary and having invested so much in sustaining the Labour Party, he said it was enough to consult him on developments and decisions of the party. According to him this amongst others was part of why women and youths of Nigeria pressurized him to quit because he is the only presidential candidate that had the national spread to win the 2023 presidential election.
“These prepossess that Sampson Uchenna Charles interest is not only about a Political Party but the people, because he has a conglomeration of national youth and women movements who are solidly behind him in any political party he chooses to join after resigning from Labour Party. This is to ensure that their preferred candidate is fortified legally. Sammy Charles said his legal status in this respect will enable him to engage in consulting other political parties in order for him to continue the race.
Accordingly, the jettisoned party has limited chances in the upcoming election with Sampson Uchenna Charles resignation from the party and his subsequent withdrawal political analysts say it’s the last blow on the party’s attempt to rise from its former bellied condition.
When asked do you have anything against Peter Obi? he said , “ No, No, I don’t have anything against him, I don’t blame him for falling into treachery. He is a politician like I am, as he has been brought in by a division of the Labour Party Exco, knowing our gentleman agreem
ent after my huge investment in reviving the party, I will also do what Obi did in PDP, as other parties are equally calling on me to join them. And I will make sure they pay back, there lies the problem “ he said.
Efforts to reach the LP Party Chairman and the Secretary failed until press time.

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