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Says “let’s us go back to our past, with ideology based politics “

By Charles Edet

Sampson Uchenna Charles, the founder of the Foundation for New Nigeria , today in Abuja at the merit house, praised Mallam Aminu Kano’s virtues as one patriotic nationalist that had served the interest of the nation.
He said that in the era of Aminu Kano, he sacrificed his life and served the nation well detribslised and gender prone.

He promised to bring back the ideologies presented by Mallam Aminu Kano during his life time.
He further stated that Nigerian politicians have deviated from the purposeful ideals for which the promised to salvage the country but have drifted from rescuing the people and country, and are more concentrated on selfishness mission to plunder the nation.

He regretted that politics in Nigeria has been bastardized and injured the more formidable ideology that promote unity and peace.
Hon Charles said that a pinch of Aminu Kano’s ideology will turn around the misery and misfortune of Nigeria.

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