…Prince (Sir) Chima Onwuzulike KSM (Akuchukwu Ogidi).

By Charles Edet

The joy of every man is being celebrated on the precious day of his birthday.Prince (Sir) Chima Onwuzulike KSM (Akuchukwu Ogidi),   Friends, Family members gathered at the residence of Chief Chima to celebrate his birthday and they poured diverse encomiums on him. Chima, who added another year to his age this August 2022, was variously described as  a good man.

He is not the first to be a year older. However, what makes celebrating his birthday different is that this business mogul is a kind man whose daily life activities and dealings are established in truth.

“If you have met with Chima, you won’t be looking for the meaning of purity of heart. He is an epitome of straightforwardness and anyone who has under-hand dealing and meet Chima, will prepare for the confession and ready to embrace uprightness. One of his church faithful said.

“This is Chima. A man not known for many words. A man who can go out of his way in making sure others are comfortable; a man who shares his knowledge and good heart selflessly with everyone.” He said.

“When I met Chima  for the first time in Abuja, the capital of FCT, he  exuded calmness but with vocal veracity that caught my attention”.

His friend Barrister Chijioke Obi, said the straightforward lifestyle in him made them closer. Barr Obi said “prince Chima is trustworthy and that which I have seen in him,  strengthened our friendship and we became very close friends.”

“The quality of  Chima’s life makes him outstanding and created him. Humanity would have been incomplete without a person like Chima. He prefers to be a good man even as the world is pushing many good people around. Chima who is fondly called ‘Akuchukwu Ogidi’ is the person you can trust with his words. You can trust him.”

Dr Charles Edet, said “Chima, takes pains not to sully his reputation. Not given to prolonged argument. I have been in awe how he breaks even and I can say it’s because of his calm approach to life.“ His friendship with friends enables humanity to know how good he is and how qualified he is.” Charles said.

 Praises from friends we’re numerous, as a close friend to the family described him thus; “Chima  is upright to a fault. Words are not enough to say who he is but putting him to the test. He has been tested and can be trusted. No matter the notion of some persons lamenting that time have changed and there is no spot for good man in the society anymore, the positive Chima remains a good man.

His ilk are hardly seen or noticed because of the bad ones. Conversely, let the world celebrate   Prince (Sir) Chima Onwuzulike KSM (Akuchukwu Ogidi) as I wish him a Happy Birthday remembrance in good health and juicy pursuits.

Another friend of his told National Detective Magazine (NDM) that Prince (Sir) Chima Onwuzulike KSM (Akuchukwu Ogidi) is a man who feels the burden of the loads anyone else is carrying.

He described him as, “a great man, a peace maker, a philanthropist, a man with a golden heart.”

The celebrating friend said, Prince Chima, “is cool, calm, focused and hard working, highly loved in Ogidi because he always brings joy to his people and to humanity. “

He added that “Chima is a dedicated  servant in the vineyard of the Lord (Ogidi and Abuja  Catholics can attest to his humble services and contributions to the Church). “

“For many years now, he has celebrated Christmas by entertaining his family, friends and well wishers from all walks of life with a well organized yearly “CHRISTMAS CAROL OF NINE LESSONS”in his country home at Ogidiani village where different choirs showcase their talents.”

National Detective Magazine learnt that Prince Chima brings joy, happiness and smiles in the faces of Children whenever he celebrates his birthday or that of his Children every January where he feeds and also shares school bags, exercise books, story books, water bottles and many other gift items to many children.

Accordingly, he is said to have impacted positively in his community as some of his close allies said , Akuchukwu,  lightened up part of village with solar panel street lights, as he is actively involved in the development of Ogidi Kingdom.

All his well wishes,  colleagues and family friends wished him many more blissful and lovely years, and prayed  that God should continue to bless him and his family. They further asked God to grant him all his heart desires, as No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper as he lives.

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