By Charles Edet

Over the years, the image of the police has whittled down due to poor dressing manner and other issues bothering on corruption, majorly extortion from transporters.
Though the aspect of corruption has drastically reduced since the leadership of the present IGP Baba. Recently, majority of young officers have woken to embrace good dressing like their counterparts abroad. Changing the narration of unkemness to putting on well befitting police attire.
Resetting the old trend is Bruno Chigozie Okpara, an Igbo Nigerian professional police officer whose smart dressing and good looks is helping to put a shine on the image of the Nigerian Police.
He is a graduate of Madonna University, Okija and a native of Mbaise in IMO state.
Good appearance of an officer, can be attractive and shame criminals because there is no relationship between light and darkness.
If half of Nigerian Police Officers can dress appropriately like Chigozie, criminals are bound to repent and our security restored.
He surely deserves commendation for his dress code.
There are many well dressed like him, said a social commentator, Clinton Offiong.
Clinton urged the Inspector General Police, to look into the dressing code of the officers of the Nigerian police, because looking good captures love and can increase admiration and friendliness with the men of the Nigerian police, he said.

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