By Amb Prince Sixtus Opara

Admin/NDM/Charles Edet/ Feature/29-7-2022

Their is a popular phrase that says “If you see something, say something”

Whenever you hear policing with different it could be likened to some persons like CP Barr Kolo Yusuf (PhD), a quintessential detrabalized refined and sound indefatigable police officer with full embediment of humility, simplicity , gentility, tolerance and general concern for humanity.

This humility personified personality is actually the kindly of individuals Nigeria needed at this point in time, to be saddled with greater responsibilities at the helms of affairs of our various security architectures so as to assist in making the difference and bringing the desired changes we are all yearning for to Savage our beloved country Nigeria.

I laughed when I saw a useless piece written by so called Kano state Chapter of Inter party advisory council (Ipac) in protest of the consideration of CP Barr Kolo Yusuf by the Inspector General Of Police to appoint him as the commissioner of police Kano state, such protest is empty and laughable because I sincerely and earnestly believe that whosoever wrote that protest piece and assertion does not in anyway know, or even have ever come in contact with CP Kolo Yusuf.

Such detractor even went ahead to say he was once the Commander of the disbanded Sars, CP Kolo Yusuf was never in anyway the Commander of Sars, he was formerly the Commander of IGP Special Tactical Squad, popularly Known as IGP STS.

CP Kolo Yusuf is an exceptional police officer, he’s a philanthropist by nature, he hates injustice, he’s inshort a human right Lawyer too who used his good office as a police officer to dispense Justice , equity and fairness to the system.

*He is a good friend of the civilian, he I also a PhD holder, he does not make noise, he’s a gentle man and also committed to his job, he’s well loved and cherished by his subordinates with series of awards pouring all over him by people who have had the opportunity to encounter him one on one. Pls mischief makers should stop judging people from far, they should go closer and verify before coming out to the public fore to make empty threats to people who are divinely serving God via the dispensing of Justice in their various field.

Amb Prince Sixtus Opara

Media Consultants/ Public Affairs Analyst, Author,Publisher,Filmmaker And Defence Senior Correspondence.

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