Nigerian youths have been advised to avoid being used as thugs and agents of violence, as 2023 election is fast approaching.
The advise which trended recently in the Twitter handle an anonymous human right and political commentator, also shared message to several Whatsapp groups , mentioning names of politicians whose children are vantagely positioned in all aspects of life , giving out their children in marriage to their political peers, while other youths are preferred to languish as hoodlums, and used as thugs.
According to social media report, as post stated :
“Gov* Ganduje of Kano’s daughter married Gov Ajimobi of Oyo’s son!
Yes bro , Dangote’s Daughter married former IGP Mohammed’s son!
Bros ! Buhari’s daughter married the richest man’s son from Borno State .
Abike Dabiri , former lawmaker and now special adviser to the president on foreign matters is now an inlaw to Sen. Ibikunle Amosun , ex governor of Ogun State.
Let me inform you again that, Prof Yemi Osibanjo’s daughter was taken to the same kind of home marrying the son of one of the richest black women in Nigeria
*Buhari’s son married the daughter of Emir of Bichi and over 100 private jets came for the marriage but you were not invited.
Their children study abroad , start work abroad , get married abroad , go to hospitals abroad , treat headache and cough abroad , give birth abroad, establish businesses abroad , go for vacation abroad , et al.

Yet, they come out later to give you guns, machete, axes and few thousands of naira to cut your fellow brothers down in the name of election . Believe me, they will be coming to you again *come2023
Bros ! If u are only good as political thugs , ballot box snatchers , and not as an in-law , then u have Problem .

UseYourBrain “

Forward to every Youth you know.

Saraki is working for Atiku, his sister Gbemi is working for Buhari

Obasanjo is Jonathan , and later BUHARI, , and he positioned son , Juwon to work for them.

Galadima is working for Atiku, his daughter is working for Buhari
The governors in the East, West , South South and entire not are not left out in these criminal nocturnal engagement of the youths to embrace thuggery and carry out destructive activities during day as they will.
To mention but a few, because the list is accross the six political zones.

You are sons and daughters of none of these, you are their Defenders on social media.

When CBN job is vacant, they give their children

When FIRS job is vacant, they give their children

When NNPC, NLG, NPA, NIMASA, NCC etc jobs are out, they give to their children

They marry their children off to one another to create future leaders for you the social media Defenders

But when police recruitment form is out, that is public

When civil defence job is out, they give that to to you.

When their children crash a car or bike, they fly them to Germany

When their children need good education, they ferry them to UK, US, Canada

When your children fall sick, you take them to mosques, churches

When your children are sent out of school, you send them to labour camps – hawking

ASUU, ASUP, NASU, NLC, SARS, STRIKES are yours to battle with in Nigeria

If you think you are doing anybody fighting for these folks, take a look at the mirror and the image you see there is he that you are deceiving – yourself
If you don’t use your brain, someone else will use it for you.

I can only hope this will RESET “Our” BRAINS!!! “

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