By Charles Edet

Ejike Ugboaja FC an emergent football club proved to their teeming fans that in Abuja that they possessed the capacity to bring Water FC to a draw in a friendly held on Saturday.

The friendly was the first of the Ejike Ugboaja FC in Abuja and the mastery and confidence displayed during the show down with Water FC of Dutse Apo, humbled the Water Boys all through the game.

Water FC Chairman popularly known as MK swallowed his words saying “ we will trash this starters” but saw the superior display of Ejike’s team succumbed to the glaring fact that they were good as the match ended up in a Two-all draw

In the first half , EJFC dominated and were in charge of the game all through, to proof that they had existed before Ejike Ugboaja FC, the Water FC shocker came when a striker converted a pass from the left flank and scored a goal.

This dampened the euthusiam and performances of the EUFC . As the tempo increased, Water FC built up their pressure on the host and crack the defence and equalized. In a long shoot out to the mid field, Water FC scored a second goal against one for the Ejike Ugboaja FC the goal came from master Gabriel who unleashed an unstoppable shot too hot for the goal keeper to behold and the ball landed inside the net ending first half.
On the commencement of the second half , water FC’s Felix took a chance from a header and the keeper missed the ball . This goal affected the joy of the water boys as the Ejike Ugboaja FC boys dominated the midfield with the water FC running frantically to get control of the ball from the white clothed EUFC team. Interestingly, both team struggled to outwit each other missing several goals scoring attempts by the EUFC boys
Leading 2-1’ the confidcent Waters FC relaxed their attacking force, and at the 87th minute Ezra Joel, hammered a thunderous shot off the penalty box hit the water FC net. The match ended 2-2 . However, the Chairman of water FC, was shocked at the beautiful combination and professionalism displayed by the newly recruited players of Ejike Ugboaja FC, few weeks before the match. Mr MK commended the Ejike ugboaja players for their brilliant display , while Ejike Uugboaja also commended the water FC boys for their efforts and encouraged the team by supporting them with 100,000

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