By Charles Edet

The intensive talent hunt programme which started on the 5th of June 2022, organized by Ejike Ugboaja Football Club came to an end on Friday, 9th of June 2022 at the Area 3 Sporting Complex , with 13 youthful soccer players selected by the international scouts from across Europe.
The lucky players were spotted and selected from the 500 players of the 28 teams that participated in the soccer talent hunt from across the geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
The international scouts who arrived Nigeria came under the auspices of Ejike Ugboaja FC to fish out talented youths in soccer which commenced from the 5th of June 2022, and ended on Friday the 9th of June 2022.
The selection process of the 28 teams of 500 players was gradually reduced to four teams, where 44 players emerged out of which 13 young players were finally selected as players in top form.
Speaking , before the five scouts read out the names of qualified players, the host and Chairman of EUFC, Ejike Ugboaja in his brief address praised the competing players for putting out their best to enter the list of the scouts. He explained that in very contest winners must emerge. “In Scouting programmes not all the players will make the list , in this one , I saw the enthusiasm for you all to make it. There are still potential skills in some of you, which I believe with further training you all go places”. He added that the players put in their best, but that the best amongst the best were selected. “
“I want to urge you all not to be discouraged if you do not make the list, do not give up, keep training to make it in another talent hunt exercise”
Ejike Ugboaja, said he appreciated all the teams that participated and their players and prayed that the Lord will grant them journey mercy back to their destinations across Nigeria.
On the scouts, EJIKE Ugboaja, thanked them for honoring his invitation for the exercise, he said they did a very thorough job by handling the scouting that involved about 500 players from 28 team under four days. “For the scouts from Europe, I am excited and very grateful for professional exhibitions of handling about 500 players from 28 teams under one week. It’s amazing” He thank Mr. Beng a Cameroonian based in Belgium, Fillipo an Italian, Mr. Amhet a Turkish and Mr. Armando, for making what pessimists in soccer said will take months to accomplish”.
While reading out names of qualified players, the scouts maintained that more players would have made the list, but they needed further coaching to improve on their playing skills.
Speaking to National Detective, Mr. Queirolo Fillipo one of the scouts from Italy, told our reporter that “Nigeria has a lots of potential soccer talents with impressive football skills.”
Beng, also a scout told National Detective that the players were good but needed some expert support to be in top form.

Dennis the Israeli Scout, informed our reporter that he was happy being in Nigeria, he thank Ejike for the opportunity to visit Nigeria for the first time. He added that said he was excited that most of the teams came with young players that will conquer the world of soccer in the future in a short time.
Amongst the players that made the list in Ejikes Club include: Gabriel Abu Gaiya , Segun Philip, Eke Victor Elvis, Gideon, the goal keeper Joseph Lelachukwu, (the Captain) Aminu Adeniyi, (Asst. Capt.), Emmanuel, Robert Anyaso, Zakari Aaron, Edwin Nwachukwu, Joel Ezra, amongst others.
Joseph the EUFC goal keeper and Skipper who was amongst the lucky players selected said that he will make Nigeria proud and trusts that members of the Ejike Ugboaja FC will do same.
“I and my team mates are proud of Ejike Ugboaja for all his efforts to project and empower Nigerian youths. Sincerely the programme is so well organized that it’s was like a family competition as all the teams were cooperative and focused on bringing out their best, I promised myself that, I owe myself my destiny to shine in this program and God answered my prayers as one the chosen players.”
Joseph said.

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