…As It’s Two-Days Annual Basketball And American Football Talent Hunt Ends In Abuja.

“ My Foundation has granted Scholarships to thousands of youths for study, empowered several to develop their Skills in Basketball and American Football…”

By Charles Edet nationaldetectivemagazine.ng.com
23 December, 2022.

The two -day annual talent hunt organized by Ejike Ugboaja Foundation  for Nigerian youths aspiring to become professional Basketballer’s and American footballers ended in Abuja on Thursday, 22nd December, 2022, with about 35 players , 15 for basketball and 30 for American football will be making the EUF scholarship list.

The lucky players are to study in America where they will train to become professionals in the two games: basketball and American Football.

Ejike Ugboaja who founded the Foundation estimated that since its inception, two decades, more than 3000 Nigerian youths have been empowered by his foundation since 2007, and most of them are done with their in the US, and are professionals in the games.

Speaking to journalists at the end of the event, the founder of the EUF, former  Nigerian Olympic Basketballer, D’Tiger player , an international NBA player, said, a lot of talents were discovered in both games, but that fifteen basketball players will be granted the scholarship for 2023 , while 30 American football players will be given the opportunity to play their professional game in US and also study over there.“ My Foundation has granted Scholarships to thousands of youths to play basketball and American football and study in America, and we empowered several to develop their Skills in Basketball and American Football in Nigeria “Micheal Akubo, the coach of the EUF basketball talents hunt’s camp, expressed his joy over the successful hosting of the youths, of who came to showcase their talents and compete to be listed in the EUF yearly scholarship scheme.

Akubo averred that he was confident that the selected players will in no distance time emerge as professional players in the destination, America.

National Detective reporter, spoke to two of the selected players, from Enugu and Nasarawa State respectively , Chikeluo and ABDULAHI Mustapha, one of the selected basketball player and America football player, they both were very thankful to Ejike Ugboaja foundation, especially the magnanimity exhibited by its founder over the years in the two sports.

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