EZIUBA UBUDOM COMMUNITY IN IMO STATED DESERTED : As Hoodlums Behead People’s Head. First Victim Recorded .

According to reports monitored in News Tract, an Online media, National Detective Magazine gathered that the security situation is worsening with emerging new dimension in Imo State. It is reported that Orlu has remained the worrisome centre stage that has continued has unabated.

News Track reported that a man identified as Nnoruoka Onyeokwu from Eziuba Ubudom was beheaded on Friday the 16th of January, at his home. His head was cut and was blatantly displayed at the State Primary School Ubudom Atta, Njaba Local Government Area of lmo State, Nigeria.

Njaba LGA generally has been under ceaseless siege, the attacks are said to be from unknown gunmen, despite the presence of the military in the area. Accordingly, it is said that most of the killings that occurred were controversial circumstances shrouded in mystery.

According to the sources, the beaded victim, late Onyeokwu was a devout Christian, a catholic and a very peaceful man. The source wandered why such a peace loving man should be targeted for such evil.

Following the several attacks unleashed in Orlu, the source declared that; the full heart of insecurity in the east has engulfed Imo state, particularly in Orlu zone . Dtating that estuaries of the troubled Orlu zone were: Orlu, Oru East, Njaba, Nkwere. The source further stated that inview of the worrisome climate of uncertainty, Orsu local government areas of IMO State, seem to be under the curse of self affliction and destruction .

Governor Uzodimma has made it known at various media outings and has since stopped blaming IPOB but politicians whom he said are hell bent on making the state ungovernable.
Meanwhile, Prominent IMO politicians from the Orlu zone have equally exonerated themselves from the complicity of the origin of the unknown gunmen and reason behind the incessant attacks. The question remains , what is the going on , how would this be resolved , queried the source . Nothing, but a round table talk and reconciliation amongst the politicians from the zone and imo in general the source proclaimed.

unfortunately, the killing of Nnoruka Onyeukwu , triggered the desertation of most of the communities even as the situation has caused so much hardship that most people in the troubled areas are migrating to the Owerri , the state capital and other neighbouring states.

The villagers are at accross roads not knowing whom to accuse over the wanton attacks, thus pointing randomly at government and politicians in the state for their discomfort , insecurity , terrible killings and hardship to them in Orlu zone, saying that most innocent people have met their end in the present circumstance since every resident or villager is now considered a perceived target to unknown gunmen.

Meanwhile, three traditional rulers from the same Njaba local government area were murdered in a cold blood, the first two victims who came from Okwudor Community were shot by gunmen at the local government headquarters during a meeting called at the instance of the Chairman of the local government. This killings should stop. Orlu zone has a peaceful place , where all the communities coexisted harmoniously.

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