…HRH Igwe Ernest Okechukwu
Eze Ndigbo 11 of Nyanya Kingdom And His Council Members Coffer Him With The Chieftaincy Tittle of Ugwumba Ndi Igbo Gburugburu…

“Dr. Sammy Charles is a humane and an egalitarian Nigerian who’s spirit is synonymous with excellence. “ says
-HRH Igwe Okechukwu Eze Igbo Nyanya 11.

By Charles Edet

nationaldetectivemagazine.com.ng 5th, November, 2022

On Saturday 29th of October 2022, will go down in the history of conferment of igbo traditional chieftaincy bestowed on Hon. Dr. Sampson Uchenna Charles by HRH Igwe Okechukwu Eze Igbo Nyanya 11 an Arm of the igbo nation conglomerate, Ohaneze Ndigbo.

It was a beautiful sunny day, filled with the ambiance of royalty as friends and well wisher of Hon. Dr. Samson Uchenna Charles gathered to have a glimpse of the poli-social maestro and to celebrate him as the Ugwumba Ndi Igbo Gburugburu was being conferred on him.

It was a gathering of all the Eze’s in Nyanya and the neighbouring Igbo Eze’s From Nasarawa State and Major Igbo Stakeholders, Giants of industry from the North, diplomats and Great names in the political Sector , Past and Present , gathered to witness the traditional adornment of a worthy Igbo Son and Ambassador plenipotentiary.

Proffering the reason for honoring and conferring the business magnet and politician extra-ordinaire with the tittle Ugwumba Ndi Igbo Gburugburu. the Eze Igbo Nyanya, HRH Igwe Okechukwu of Nyanya 11, said, Sammy Charles has been amongst the Sons of Ndi Igbo that had exemplified himself in the strategic representation and propagation of the ideals that project igbos at home and particularly in the diaspora. This he said equates with his innumerable acts of benevolence that defies religion and ethnic divide.

“ Dr. Sampson’s profiles is stratospherically encapsulated in his status as a global entity, has strong affinity to the foundation of his father land as a Son of the Soil (Nwa afo igbo) without compromising his identity. An Ambasador that never forgets his origin, thus the conferment of the tittle: “Ugwumba Ndi Igbo Gburugburu “. meaning the Pride of the Igbo’s all over the planet earth “
said the Eze Igbo Nyanya.

The traditional recognition and chieftaincy conferment on Sammy Charles, was held at the Nyanya mini stadium Abuja.
The well -attended event brought together Ambassadors of Liberia, Gambia, Sierra Leone, politician from the North , South East , South West. Northcentral and North West.

Amongst those who graced the occasion were Ahmad Yar’Adua, Former Senate and House of Representatives members, Traditional Rulers , Representatives of Sampson Charles Business Partners , Foreign and Diplomatic Corps Representatives, Leaders of Youth Organisations, Members of Sampson Uchenna Charles Foundation (SUCF), Senior Media Representatives amongst several dignitaries.

The highlight of the event which occurred as soon as the occasion began, was the delivery of the Keynote Speech by the recipient Dr Sampson Uchenna Charles.

Hon. Sampson is Known for his unparalleled belief in socio-political standards , values , Rules and Regulations as well as commitment to the improvement of the Political System. He is a
visionary Personality with honesty and dedication in egalitarianism. A philanthropist with great passion for youths and women empowerment, a selfless Human, whose ambition is tailored to steer Nigeria to the right path of national unity and development.

The clamour for Dr. Sampson to contest for the 2023 presidential election met a still Birth, which never deterred his focus, as he lives to fight another day.
Sampson Charles intends that, at the appointed political time, he will serve the nation with unequalled dedication, commitment and integrity to the people of Nigeria.

No wonder, all the Eze Igbos in Yoruba land, the six south west states officially want to honor him with the title of Ozo Ndi Igbo gburugburu meaning (The Protector of the Igbo’s All Round ie globally) in January, 2023.

A University of Jos law graduate and University of London trained international lawyer, a corporate expert in international business and Communications as well as Public Speaker on National issues, Sampson is Known for his forthrightness , discipline , transformational Leadership qualities , capacity and eloquence in discussing issues , especially those bothering on changing the national narrative of the diverse present Nigeria’s challenges.

His political projection is far beyond 2023 election. Dr Uchenna Sampson is working hard, making friends and strengthening youth groups across the country for the future in order to reposition the nation to an enviable international state.

His vision for a magnificently prosperous nation has left him with sleepless memoirs that he foresees will better uplifted Nigeria . Ugwumba Sampson always spares no opportunity to articulate his intelligent views with passion on National issues especially those bothering on leadership that targets national progress and the people’s welfare.

As Ndi igbo continue to recognize his value, it is envisaged that he will bag the highest chieftaincy tittles across the country from the conglomerate of Eze Igbo’s in realization that he is the David that will accomplish the igbo dream of leading Nigeria.
His past speeches affirm his mission, as captured in his recent keynote speech at the Aminu Kano Memorial Award, recently held in Abuja, which he rendered with zest , was a well articulated discourse , backed up by data , Reports , references and best global practice on historic discussion across the globe .
In his speech, he established a justification for the argument that Aminu Kano’s virtue was supposedly targeted at improving the socio-economic development of Nigeria and the inclusiveness of the Nigerian women in the political setting of the nation.
High Chief Clinton Kenechukwu, an Nyanya based Chief said, by all standards, Sammy Charles is the type of leader Nigeria deserved. He urged Nigerians to position their minds as a real leader is in the horizon that will surface soon. Sampson, he said is a child of destiny and prophecy.

With minimal effect on political path, he has displayed attitudinal proficiency of being able to drive this nation demonstrating that his mission is to end an era of waste in a democratic polity, which he will gradually sweep away.

Dr. Sampson is on the verge of accomplishing great and tremendous awareness amongst youths in other to creat a conducive democratic environment.
He once predicted that Nigeria will soon experience a new wave, which the forces, the spirit and the physical are driving, which will be too much that un serious politicians can’t stand. He forecasted.

When approached by the National Detective Magazine reporter, he said, “ People have come to realize the games and gimmicks the political class, who are driving the national ship towards wreckage but they are doomed to fail.

“The politics of divide and rule, ethnicity, religion, sectionalism, God fatherism, anointed one, money bags, promise and fail, etc. will all, fizzle out.” Said Dr Sampson. “

As Nigerians Celebrate the great feat and enormous recognition accorded Sampson Charles by various Igbo Eze’s across the country, particularly the trail blazing conferment ignited by the Eze igbo Nyanya, which has escalated like rain fall, with all Eze’s across the country seeking to honor the budding star leader, Hon. Dr. Sampson Uchenna Charles.

His conferment with the chieftancy tittle of ‘Ugwumba Ndi Igbo , of Nyanya’ is a major thrust on him and a step for him to lay a formidable political foundation and future aspiration project that surpasses what is seen today.

Hon. Ndikom Obingadis, told NDM that , “ Acquisition of traditional titles does not come easy , and for Igbo Eze’s to do this it’s a great honor in view of the importance attached to such multitrado-cultural tittles. He said.

“ Ugwumba is a befitting tittle, he deserve to be hailed for obtaining this tittle unsolicited. Indeed it is a deserving tittle that will deepen Sampson’s political fraternity with Igbo’s and also present him as a man of wisdom, that exudes confidence as an Igbo cherish Son”. Ndikom said.

Earlier, before the conferment, the Eze Igbo Nyanya said, “Dr. Sammy Charles is a humane and an egalitarian Nigerian who’s spirit is synonymous with excellence. “

Also , Clinton Kenechukwu said, “On this special day, I join well meaning Ndigbo , faithful supporters and well wishers of Dr. Sampson Charles all over the globe , particularly Nigeria, to celebrate him .
“Ugwumba Ndi Igbo Gburugburu, has remained a reference point to the youths, women in the North, South, East and the West, and passionately with ndi Igbo in general and beyond for his selfless leadership mission that commands respect and great followership. “Clinton said.

On his path, Chief Collins Nnofu an eye witness said the conferment of Sammy Charles with the title of Ugwumba Gburugburu, affords his well wishers the opportunity to celebrate him and pray that God’s abundant grace continue to rest on his aspirations in life and present him with outstanding success in years to come.

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