By Charles Edet

Professor Benedicta Egbo, a Diasporan Emeritus Professor of Education has extolled women’s virtues on International women’s day celebrated in Nigeria. Joining the rest of the world’s women in commemorating the 2022 International Women’s Day, the renowned scholar, politician, humanitarian, education philanthropist par excellence and advocate of gender equality, stated that Nigerian women are yet to deliver their full potential to the nation, because they are politically marginalized and therefore, unable to use their immense knowledge and resources for accelerated national development as well as for intervening and resolving the social crisis that has made peace to elude Nigerians.

The erudite scholar and astute gender advocate, in a statement signed by her, said that Nigerian women have the capacity to save the country from its misfortunes including the problem of insecurity. She noted that Nigerian women are successful and stand tall in all their given professions and, are craving to provide genuine leadership to the nation as well as globally. The amazon stated that Nigerian women have contributed immensely to the growth and unity of the country and, should be given the opportunity for more participation in governance.

She averred that women are yet to reach the height of the various profession in Nigeria despite global calls for the inclusion of women in active politics. Prof. Egbo lamented that women still face a lot of discrimination and gender bias in the country which prevents them from achieving their full potential and participating actively in the governance.
The Canada-based Prof, stated that Nigerian women have proven themselves as nation builders with the capacity to proactively address the myriad of problems that are facing the nation and its people.
Mrs. Egbo, while eulogizing the virtuous women of valour that abound in the country, called on the government to ensure the inclusion of women in decision making in the various arms of government. This she said, will yield positive results for the country. She said , “I have no doubt that Nigerian women have the potential and capacity to contribute very meaningfully to sustainable national development. I therefore enjoin the government to do more towards integrating women into the process of nation building for the progress of the country and for the common good. The government must also promote women’s interests and welfare”

March 8th is marked globally as International Women’s Day. It is a day that is devoted to celebrating women in both paid and unpaid ventures as well as to advancing the advocacy for improving the status of women globally. It is also a day that is set aside to emphasize the importance of women in nation building, in governance, and in other decision making spheres.
“The era of confining the women to the sidelines of society and the political arena is bygone. This is the 21st century in which knowledge and political participation should be shared equitably without gender bias” she added.
Meanwhile, the Coalition of Northern Youths, (CONY), South South Progressives (SSP) and the Movement for the Consolidation of Democracy (MOSDOC) are calling on Professor Egbo to come out and join the Presidential race to salvage the country. The groups appealed to her to step out to enter into the presidential race with the might of a daring lioness determined to emerge victorious in the race.
When confronted by the press on the growing call for her to join the 2023 Presidential race, the amiable Prof, said, “ it’s a call to duty that will be duly considered, for the purposes of positively transforming our dear nation. Nigeria must take its rightful place among the comity of nations“.

Professor Benedicta Egbo is happily married with children. She is an international scholar and author of repute.

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