By Charles Edet Esq, Ph.D

“I was on board the political train to provide answers to the myriad of challenges facing Nigeria as a country and Nigerian citizens as the end receivers of this burden.”
-Sampson Charles.

“ …I am proud to introduce Hon. Sampson Uchenna Charles, as an untainted Nigerian, unblemished, not corrupt, who has not stolen anything from Nigeria’s treasury, coming brown new to lead Nigeria to a prosperous and egalitarian nation where Justice, Equity, Peace and Equal Opportunity for all tribes …”
Barrister Julius Abure
Labour Party. National Chairman,

Nigerians May recall that when Hon.Sampson Uchenna Charles, declared his intention to run for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Labour Party,
he was to emerge as the party’s flag bearer, but all that transpired to truncate his noble mission has metamorphosed into mobilizing the youths to restore the democratic dignity of the nation by calling on youths to abstain from political thuggery and to ensure a violence free 2023 general election.

This is an awesome patriotic Nigerian, who has demonstrated that his interest to lead the country is not only hinged on contesting for the presidency but to ensure that democracy thrived on Justice, Rule of law, Equity, Fairness, Peace and Equal Opportunity for all citizens.

Sampson Uchenna Charles, is a man of vìsion with targeted mission. His mission is focused on resetting our diversities, strengthen the diminishing unity of the country and reshape the socioeconomic and political systems into a more productive, industrious, rewarding goals through sustainable development and support.

His ultimate mission as viewed from his various statements and testimonies hinges on his avowed passion for the well-being of every Nigerian in spite of tribe, religion, gender and culture through sustainable development actions in all its ramifications.

When the amiable leader, Initiated Sampson Uchenna Charles Foundation (SUCF), it was to show case his passion for youths and women. A visionary idea he propelled for years before declaring his interest to run for the 2023 Presidency then , under the Labour Party .
Fortunately for him, the actions of the party executives, was anti his mission. He reversed his interest sensing that his time was still ahead to answer the call of salvaging the nation from its sleeping mode to a more proactive mode to attain greater height.

Sampson Charles is very accommodating , a seasoned business-technocrat, a man who modeled his religious life to zero tolerance, embracing the reality of Nigeria’s secular nature, preaching and practicing love, promoting integral relationship between faith based beliefs stressing that unity breeds accelerated development, progress and prosperity.

Hon. Charles is an embodiment of virtues such as honesty, humility, meekness, goodness, love, forgiving, patience, empathy, compassion, etc., which are the core qualities of effective leadership.
Those who believed in his course aver that ‘Sammy’ a short preface to his name is a pacesetter, who influences and attracts positive tidings with his philanthropy and empowerment initiatives.
His popularity, is hinged on his priority of God first before anything else.
As a new generation democrat on a mission,!
all his associates testify positively about him.
His unrelenting aspiration to inspire and build youths that will join him in changing the sad narrative of Nigeria’s nationhood, remain outstanding.
Before he went into politicking, and after his withdrawal of his expression interest to contest the 2023 Presidential election and his subsequent resignation as member of the Labour Party, he continued implementing his mission on youths development which he is successfully impacting the lives of the youths across Nigeria.
His focus has made him to be reckoned as a great mobilizer that enjoys the support of the youths borne out of their convictions volitionally.

According to Hon Charles, he said , “ In every situation, positive or negative, I give thanks to God.
I am not a political desperado, and what is for me does not attract desperadoes, because am not for do or die politics. “

Narrating his mission to National Detective Magazine about his passion, he said,
“my mission is to bring comfort to every Nigerian Family , provide conducive and secured environment to enhance their protection,
confidence, with their self dignity intact.”

He added that , “Unfortunately my first political move, was nipped on the bud, because the time was not yet ripe to commence the political accomplishment.”

“ Presently, my foundation (SUCF) is the ship that is steering my mission. As a democratic enthusiast, am still nursing my Presidential ambition, however for now, am advocating for sanity in our electoral system, where voters can exercise their franchise in a violent free atmosphere.
He called on every Nigerian to join hands together and fight against violence in our national elections and eradicate hate speech to preserve our unity.”

To continue in part 2.

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