By Charles Edet

November 1, 2022

…long cues witnessed at Nass Entrance, As Security personnels Intensify Stop And Search…

It was hectic in the early hours of Monday to have access into the National Assembly(NASS) due to long traffic jam into the Complex in Abuja, as personnels of various security agencies and the Sergeant-at-Arms, the security unit of NASS, reawakened operation stop and search of vehicles entering into its Complex.

The stop and search operation slowed down the flow of traffic, leading to long queues of vehicles in the three entrances into the NASS complex.

Only Visitors and Staffers of NASS with valid identities were allowed entry to the Complex, while persons with invalid identity were turned back.

The exercise affected various Ministries, Agencies, and MDAs of the Federal Government who came for the 2023 Budget Defence and other visitors due to the tightening of security that resulted to the traffic jam at the NASS entrances.

The Sergeant -at -Arm, took the steps following a directive from NASS Management Committee, to the Sergeant-at -Arms in order to secure the complex and protect the national legislators, NASS staffers, and visitors alike due to recent security alerts.

Tactical security personnels were deployed to man in and around the the legislative complex.

A source in NASS who preferred anonymity, disclosed that the reinforcement of the security in Nass was in response to first, the DSS alert before the US and the United Kingdom respectively released their security advisory on terror threat in Abuja targeted at public and private places, that mentioned Embassies, Churches, government properties, Schools and Estates amongst others.

The renewed security measure, which had been the routine but was relaxed, was announced at the weekend by NASS Security Management Committee, commencing with “a stop and search policy”.

The strategic importance and location of the National Assembly with the throng of visitors daily, necessitated the memo signed by the Director, Administrative, Dr. Tahir Sani, which stated that the Committee resolved to adopt several proactive measures in the short and long terms to protect the complex.

The memo explained that “one of such measures is the directive to Security Agencies and the Sergeant-at-Arms Department to ensure that, effective Monday, October 31, 2022, all vehicles coming into the National Assembly premises are thoroughly searched.
” This entails that, the drivers of the vehicles shall by themselves open the booths of their cars and submit their vehicles for comprehensive checks.
“Honourable Members and Distinguished Senators are by this notice advised to use the Presidential gate, unless they are willing to submit themselves to this stop and search policy.
“While regretting the inconvenience that this policy may cause to our Visitors, Staff, Honourable Members and Distinguished Senators, it is important to state that this measure is due to the exigent demands of our security challenges.”

Other Embassies in Abuja that followed the US and UK in raising similar security advisory includes Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland and Germany.
It is known every where in Nigeria, that multi national companies such as Julius Berger, and Jabi Lake Mall had shut down their operations as a result of the terror alert.

The United States Mission in Nigeria recently in Abuja issued a security advisory alerting its citizens in Nigeria over the risk of terror attacks , especially in the Federal Capital Territory.

Following the US and UK steps more foreign missions in Nigeria, raised similar security alerts of an impending terrorist attack on the nation’s capital.

Meanwhile, security agencies have made it clear that Nigerians should be guided in their movements and restrict going to public offices where they have no valid business and should remain alert.

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