A young boy of less than fifteen years old was promised to be paid #15,000 ( fifteen thousand Naira ) by husband and wife, names with held to lure the 6 year old boy in the picture above. Immediately he was caught walking away with the boy, a smart woman at the neighbor raised alarm when he noticed the strange movement of the culprit. When he was confronted by those around he confessed that he was requested to lure any child with and outside the vicinity to them for the sum of #15,000 to the above couple with this offer the young boy mischievously went on to execute their request. A dangerous trend that is worrisome as children are now used to lure fellow unsuspecting children to kidnappers and ritualistic. The suspect said he was asked to bring the any little child to them and should play along by pretending as though they have known each other. Thus his first target was the son of a man known as Mr. Onochie.
What a wicked and evil development. This is not only for Kidnapping but for rituals and child trafficking.
Nigerians are by the apprehension of these elements,advised to remain alert and advise their children to avoid perambulating outside with unknown visiting strange children around their neighborhoods.

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