Nigeria is a harvest ground for football talents

.”..Ejike Ugboaja FC, has a great Soccer future, with these talents.” SaysDennis Lachter

By Charles Edet

Dennis Lachter is amongst the international scouts that were invited for the one week Ejike Ugboaja international Mega Talent Hunt, that kick started on the 5th of June 2022 and ended on the 9th of June, 2022.
He is a licensed Isreali professional football scout with over 30-years experience.
Dennis, played football in his youthful days, and was born in Russia. He played for the Second Division in the old Soviet Union.

He spoke with EUFC Media Team on his football profile and his Scouting experience in Africa particularly in Nigeria and what to look out for when choosing a players in a talent hunt programme such as organised by Ejike Ugboaja FC.
Mr. Dennis said he played in USA with Alama Austin, during which he read Sports Management in Austin University, Texas.
He added that In 1994, he was amongst the founders of Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States and and has been a professionally licensed scout for 30 years, certified by Isreali Football Association (IFA).
When asked by EUFC Media Team, He told the Media Team that he has been in Nigeria for scouting programmes in the past, “this is not the first time I have visited Nigeria for talent hunt, I have been in Nigeria severally for Scouting programmes to promote and develop players. I also help to fix the players in Clubs in Europe”. Dennis said.

My present experience with Ejike Ugboaja FC, is the most receptive and best hospitality treatment I can say, I ever had. it was nice to be on the team of scouts to come”.

EUFC Media: What should one consider when choosing a player?

Dennis: A formidable player should be skillful, Physically fit, and specialized in his position. Apart from that, he should have confidence while playing. If I pick a player that has no self-confidence it will not work and he cannot make it outside the country with other competent players.
“African players are known to be very strong physically and they have stamina, which is an inherited trait, that is why they are unique and wanted by teams outside Africa.

EUFC Media: What is your assessment of Nigerian Players, with respect to the teams you are scouting here?

Nigerian players, like the teams here, are good. To play well, a player should be naturally aggressive in attack, not rough but smart with the ball, which is important for a striker and a midfielder.
Here,I see players who can play and I see the teams are friendly with each other, after playing they interact and socialize with themselves. That’s the spirit of a good sportsman. “

“Ejike Ugboaja’s players will go places, they have quality players, I will help to promote them, develop them and negotiate their fixtures in clubs. in Europe.”

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