By Prince Charles Edet NationalDetective.com.ngSir Chima mourns his beloved in-law, “ she lived a charitable life and shined like a diamond to all around her, and strangers..” Sir, Chima.Prince Sir Chima Onwuzulike lost his mother in-law Nneoma Regina Eze on the 13th of October, 2022, in Abia Omuma, Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State. While consoling his wife and her family, Sir Chima said , “I will miss her motherly guide, she was a mother in-law of estimable qualities”The first child of Prince C.N. Ukachukwu (Akubueze Omuma) of Abia Omuma Oru East LGA Imo State, Nneoma Regina N. Eze was the wife of Chief JB Eze of Umuorji Eziali Mgbidi in Oru West LGA Imo State.Until her death Nneoma Regina Eze, was a devoted Catholic. She was a renowned Woman Leader in the Church and was the Chairperson of Eziali Women Wing in Lagos for many years. A lover of God and the Church and always ready to assist and help the poor, the needy and the downtrodden, Nneoma Regina Eze was not afraid to do good things.Born on the 22nd of September 1949, Nneoma Regina Eze died on October 13th 2022 at the age of 73 years old.With high sense of humility, I condole my wife and her grand children, (my kids) who will miss her grandly love with the entire members of Chief JB Eze Family of Umuorji Eziali Mgbidi in Oru West LGA Imo State.“I am filled with emotion over the loss of my beloved mother in-law, it was indeed not expected but God in his supremacy knows why. I pray especially for my beloved wife and the children who are fond of her, to bear the great loss. “Onwuzulike added that his mother in-law lived and radiated diamond rays of light to enhance and touch the lives of other as she lived a godly life of decency, leaving and exemplary legacies as she departed.

“ She lived a satisfied and impactful life, her existence on earth remains positive reference biblically for upright living. “ opined Chima.

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