…Intelligence report released by NSCDC unleash fear on Abuja residents, but residents vow to resist such incursion .

…This intel, is a call on the citizenry to resort to self-defense- Ahmed

By Charles Edet

The intelligence alert that emanated from the FCT Office of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) alerting the people of plans by members of the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorist group to launch coordinated and spontaneous attacks on soft and hard targets in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, has brought fear on the people in Abuja.

The NSCDC FCT Commandant, Peter Maigari, issued the Red Alert in a restricted memo dated Friday, July 8, 2022 and entitled; ‘Renewed Threat Of Attack By ISWAP Terrorist On Targets Within The FCT.’

According to the memo: “Certified intelligence reveals that members of the decimated terrorist group, Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) have concluded plan to launch more coordinated and spontaneous attacks on selected targets within the FCT and have declared war against Christians in Nigeria.”

Reacting to the a resident in Abuja, who preferred anonymity told National Detective Magazine that it is not true but a false alarm to put fear on residents of Abuja, wondering why the FCT NSCDC did not alert Nigerians on the recent attack at the Kuje Correction Centre.

Another resident who preferred to Be called Ahmed, “ no security report should be taken for granted no matter where it is coming from”

He said that, “with what transpired at KUJE prisons, this intel, is a call on the citizenry to resort to self defense, because we cannot wait to be slaughtered by terrorists in the name of being good citizens “.

“ if the security Agencies are weak to lawfully protect the lives and property citizens as enshrined in the constitution on the responsibilities of government, it means the government is consenting to the suggestion for armed self defense by Benue and Zamfara State Governors respective call for indigenes to carry arms for self defense.” He retorted

Another FCT resident a Pastor, who also demanded anonymity, said “  where the strength of men ends, God continues his work.” He said.

The pastor added that “ the siege and bombing exploits of Boko Haram in FCT, left security organizations to erect physical barriers leaving the unarmed and vulnerable civilians at the mercy of the bombers, at the God still fought and delivered from these human beasts, while security agencies all over Abuja fortified there head offices to the detriment of the populace they meant to protect, its indeed unfortunate. The same God will protect us all again and again, but we must be alert and ready to report any suspected unconventional movements anywhere and should cooperate with law enforcement agents at this capricious time, “ the clergy said.

Afraid of the likely reaction of security agencies, a Moslem Cleric, who also chose to be quoted on anonymous status, said, “ it was meant to make FCT residents to be alert and conscious of their environment”. He however,further said that  the terrorists were  targeting every Nigerian, targeting our collective unity and peace in their occupational drive”.

The cleric urged security agencies to rise to the challenges posed by the faceless sects, who are bent to destroy Nigeria”.

He expressed surprise that the security agencies should live up to their expectations by doing their jobs as they do when outside the country for international engagement.

“ I must say that any form of threat to attack Abuja, is a threat to the sit of government and its the government’s duty to protect the country “ . He said.

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