On Ideology and Vision of Sampson Uchenna Charles

Our Nation of Nigeria has dilapidated beyond imagination and the ship called Nigeria has almost sank , this is not the making of just one leadership but every single member of the current political class must take responsibility to where we find ourselves today as a country

In the near three years or so that I have peered into the political scene of Nigeria through the establishment of my movement, the Foundation for a New Nigeria ( FANN) I have met with several patriotic Nigerians who are committed to my vision for total sacrifice for the redemption of Nigeria and am truly pleased with their support and commitment towards this journey.

This is a journey of a thousand miles and along the sides, many will come and go who do not understand my vision but think that politics is a business where they trade.
Sampson Uchenna Charles has never been a Governor or minister or served in any capacity where National budget passed through him. He made it very clearly that its presidency or nothing. He is not ambitious but he is a leader with a Vision based on a mission to redeem our destroyed Nation of Nigeria.
Let it be known to all followers , that his mantra is “ Sacrifice for the redemption of Nigeria “ not , politics as a business or Trade . Those who think otherwise have choices to make.
Sampson Uchenna Charles does not force anyone to follow his Vision , it’s by choice.
He says “ if you are ready and wiling to carry this burden with him, join me in this difficult and thorny road”


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