It ends here
All the gragra, from eighthen to eighty
From morning to night
Sunday to Monday
January to December

It ends here
That seductive skin
That oval face that turns every man on
That flamboyant dress
That charming and elegant body

It ends here
That exotic cars
That intelligence
That fifty degrees
That beautiful wife
That fine children

My friend it ends here
That fame which you seek most
That luxurious life
That “upon all my wealth”
That “do you know who I am?”

It ends here
That I am not your mate?
I am richer than you
I am beautiful
Many boys woo me
Infact girls fight to have me

It all ends here
That your good poem
Your power of algebra
Your good English
Your all round best

It is just matter of time
But it is a must
Painful truth to accept
6ft awaits all
That is where it all ends

So you have nothing
You are greater than none
Stop behaving as you are a god
In a twinkling of an eye
All will go into thin air..

Humble yourself !!!!

A reminder that all we have in life is vanity.

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