… Life is precious, to live amidst insecurity, secure yourself, family, and  environment.. Edet Charles.

By Charles Edet


The current spate of insecurity in country has brought to the fore the need to take our security and those of our family members more serious than ever before.

Life is precious, to live amidst insecurity, secure yourself, family,and  environment, self defense and protection has been advocated by two governors, Zamfara, Benue and General TY Danjuma. In this tips, I am not advocating for arming, but to be armed with technology

1.         Carry out a vulnerability assessment of your house with a view to addressing observed security gaps. The simple way of carrying out the assessment is to imagine how you could successfully invade/attack your house if you were a thief or an armed robber. What are the arrangements that the intruder will take advantage of? Simply go ahead and put measures in place to address them. Do this from time to time.

2.         Confirm who is at the door before opening the door. Children should not open the door without clearance from the parents.

3.         Children should be taught not to disclose the whereabouts of parents to strangers.

4.         Your head should not be towards the door when lying on your bed. You should be able to see anybody entering the room without having to first sit up.

5.         Your position on the bed should be such that you can protect your wife in case of a break in.

6.         Make sure you confirm that all doors/windows are well locked before going to bed. If you slept before others, and you woke up to use the toilet at night, just do a quick check on the doors before you go back to bed.

7.         Ensure your security lights are switched on in the evening. Switch off the lights in the sitting room before going to bed.

8          If you stay in a personal house install CCTV. If in a rented apartment, install in your own space. It gives you the advantage of seeing without been seen.

9.         Install a loud burglar alarm to notify neighbours that you are under attack. This could disorganize the intruders/invaders and scare them away.

10.       Have fire extinguishers in place and teach your family how to use them in the event of fire.

11.       Make sure the switches of your security lights or change-over are not located outside where it could be easily accessed by an intruder, as he/she may decide to switch it off.

12.       You may wish to get a security dog.  Its barking could alert you of the presence of an unwanted guest especially at night.

13.       In the event of an attack, switch off all lights except the security lights. Stay calm, do not panic. The more you panic the more you get confused, and the braver and collected the attacker becomes. However, do not take stupid risks.

14.       Never allow your telephone line to be out of airtime. Do not go below a certain limit, eg #200.00. Have enough to enable you call for help in an emergency.

15.       Ensure your windows are fixed with burglarproof bars.

16.       Intimate family members on what to do in the event of an attack.

17.       Turn off the lights and run to a designated place in the house, eg toilet, bunker. All are to lie down to avoid stray bullets.

18.       When returning home, be mindful of anything unusual within your residence. If you suspect a break-in, do not enter, call the Police.

19.       Do not reveal your whereabouts on social media. Most men will not do that but our children or wives could do that if not made to know the security implications of such post. You make your house vulnerable to burglary.

20.       Identify exit/escape route which every family member must know and keep secret. Rehearse the use of the exit door from time to time.

21        Have something to defend yourself in the case of an attack. Such could include club, cutlass, legally acquire pistol or gun.

22.       Escape at any given opportunity.

23.       Do not make large withdrawals at ATMs, especially from machines sited at places that are lonely at night. You might be exposing yourself to danger of attack.

24.       Be security conscious at all times and teach your family members to be also.

25.       When driving, check from time to time to be sure you are not been trailed.

26.       If you suspected you were been followed, drive toward the nearest roundabout, go around it twice, if you were still been trailed, then drive to the nearest police or military post and report.

27.       When walking towards where you parked your car, scan around with your eyes without letting people know what you are doing. If you perceive any danger, eg a suspicious looking stranger waiting by your vehicle, return inside or do not go to vehicle. Observe, and subsequently act as appropriate.

28.       As soon as you enter your car, use the central lock with your glasses still wound up.

29.       Always listen to news to get information on security. Do not refuse to listen to news simply because there are too many bad news around.

30.       Have cordial relationship with the DPO and security post close to your house. They could be of help.

31.       Get some training in unarmed combat for yourself and family members.

32.       Do a security background check before employing domestic staff, eg househelps, gatemen, etc.

33.       Pass the knowledge you acquire on security to your family members as well.


Security involves all, it’s not an exclusive prerogative of security agents. It’s everyone’s business. Be conscious and alert always.

This is not by any way exhaustive nor is it cast on stone. You could be flexible about it. The whole idea is to save lives.

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