By Charles Edet

Following the report making the rounds on the recent judgment of the Appeal Court, Lagos over the matter filed by EFCC Against Chief Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, of Delta North Senatorial zone at the Senate.
The Distinguished Senator, is taken steps to challenge the Appeal Court judgement for his incarceration and wounding of his two companies without delay at the Supreme Court.
A press Statement from Spon Media, stated that “ steps are being taken to challenge the court of appeal judgment immediately and we are confident that the Supreme Court will subject the judgment to critical review accordingly”, as stated by the SPon Media release.
The EFCC went to the appellate Court, as against the ruling of the High Court which discharged and acquitted the Distinguished Senator Nwaoboshi, which also sat in Làgos and gave judgment in Favour of Senator Nwaoboshi.
To prove their allegations right, on this legal battle, the EFFC legal team insisted that the high court judgment was not acceptable to it and thus proceeded to the Appeal Court where the case turned to the Commissions Favour. The Appeal Court did not stop at incarcerating the Senator, but further ordered that his two companies be wound up in line with the provisions of Section 22 of the Money Laundering Prohibition Act 2021. And the employees of his company, who where present in the court at time of the pronouncement broke down and wept.
The judgment came as a surprise to many of the amiable Senators loyalists, Political supporters and friends, some of whom also wiped tears out of their eyes in the court.
One of Loyalist, Offiong Inyang who said , “there was a surprising lacuna and or oversight in the delivery of the judgment.”
Mr. Offiong said, that the order to wind up two of the Senator Companies that has provided employment to several youths, women and families who are working with the companies will loose their jobs by this judgment. It is an astute denial their rights. To sudden disband the source of living of a people is against human rights , which certainly will spell doom to the families and their children and drive the young ones into acts of criminality, that could expose them to a number of social hazards.
Again, he wondered why the appeal court, did not explore the process of plea bargain as done with others of similar charges.
The highly emotional Offiong, dismissed the judgment as unfair and should be taken to the final court of jurisdiction, for a final critical adjudication.
Indeed, Senator Nwaoboshi’s confinement will deny the Nigerian nation his great selfless service to the nation following the Bills he has initiated since his entrant into the red chambers of the National Assembly. “This development must not be allowed to be” said Offiong.

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