Soccer: Ejike Ugboaja FC To Host Mega Scouting Program In Abuja – As 500 Players Aspire To Be Professional From Sunday.

The Federal Capital City, Abuja will from Sunday, June 5th, 2022 witness a Mega scouting program where Ejike Ugboaja Football Club will be hosting about 28 teams from across the country at the Goal Project, Parkage B, MKO Abiola National Stadium for a-5-day soccer players scouting debut.

The program will feature about five hundred players across the country. However, scouts from ten clubs across Europe including Arsenal, Chelsea among others have already confirmed their participations.
Speaking ahead of the scouting program, the chairman of the organising club, Ejike Ugboaja FC, Christopher Ejike Ugboaja said, the idea behind the five-day scouting program was to give Nigeriian young players the opportunity to be seen by those super clubs in Europe.

He said, talents are abound in Nigeria, but how do they get to be recognise has been the problem, therefore, in his quest to give back to the society he has chosen to organise the scouting program so that they can come together showcase their talents before the scouts and the lucky ones could be spotted and giving a contract immediately.

“As I keep saying, they are good players in Nigeria but, the issue has been who will help expose them to these foreign scouts? And that is the reason I came in, because having played basketball to it’s pinnacle and coupled with the facts that I have helped over two thousands Nigerian basketball players and America footballers schools in the United State of America and clubs too, I thought it wise to replicate same in football “

“We have concluded all arraignment concerning the program. The scouts will be in the country on Saturday and leave for their respective clubs on June 9, after the closing ceremony

“Our prayers are that they should be able to identify and sign as many players as possible, so that at the end we would have empower the young players because that is the reason behind the program.,” Ugboaja said.

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