…As Over 100 Players, Mostly Youths From Across The Country Are Ready To Prove Their Mettle In The Two Games…By Charles 20, 2022One of the outstanding sports foundation in Nigeria: Ejike Ugboaja Foundation will in the next 48 hours be hosting over 100 youths from across the country that will be competing to earn scholarships of the foundation in Basketball and American football. The event which takes place yearly has helped thousands of youths to enhance their livelihood, through scholarship to American Universities. This 2022 event will include talent hunt , mini match trials and physical fitness in the area of basketball and American football. The event which will last for two days, will kick start this Wednesday at MKO Abiola National Stadium, Package B, Abuja , with full sports activities in basketball and American football. One of the basketball player Ibrahim Salami told National Detective Magazine, that he featured two years ago for the EUF talent hunt, “ I was so displeased with myself, when missed to be chosen amongst the successful talents in 2020, I did all I could but it wasn’t the best. .He said. “Since then, I kept monitoring the Foundation, immediately, I got the invitation for the Camp this year, I told my parents, I will not miss this one, it’s my turn to be selected as I will put in my best” Ibrahim said. For over 15years running the EUF has been selecting through their talent hunt and trials, players with proven ability to play basketball and American football. The players in return are given scholarship and placement in American Universities to acquire education as they play the game they know best to become professionals.Ejike Ugboaja foundation, founded by Christopher Ejike Ugboaja said, “we maintain the same standard in our talents hunt every year, best players win our scholarship to study abroad and take their career to professional level.“ we have been organizing this event for years without faltering. We are happy to impact on the youths through sports and touching lives is our pride, of a truth, many Nigerians youths have gained from our magnanimity and through us poverty and lack has been erased in their lives. “In America presently, thousands of Nigerian youths are playing basketball and American football, and also in other countries of Europe. The players also extend support to their families in Nigeria “Ejike said.

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