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Increasing police brutality against armless citizens is becoming a source of concern to Nigerians. The police, presumed to be friends to the people, have turned into monsters in some remote areas of the country.

The recent incident involving one Blessing Mba, a female, and mother of two is a unique case at hand

Mrs. Mba and her two children have been missing after a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and other officers brutalised her in the Iwo local government area of Osun State.

The Nation gathered she was brutalized when she went to Adeke station in Iwo to secure the release of one of her detained sons.

An officer was said to have accused her of carrying fetish sacrifice to the station to ensure the release of her son, Monday.

A source alleged the DPO of the station Adekunle Ige ordered his men to torture Mba after she refused to leave the station without her children.

The source said: “Blessing fainted while the officers were torturing her, forcing them to stop. Meanwhile, the police helped her regain consciousness and gave her N4,000 and later N15,000 to apologize.

 The woman has gone missing since last Friday after the incident because of the threat by the police to twist and prevent justice.”

Osun Police Command spokesperson Yemisi Opalola confirmed the incident.

In a statement, she explained: “investigation is ongoing to unravel the matter as the victim is still missing. The CP ordered the policemen involved to be detained at the State CID, while the DPO, CSP Adekunle Ige was told to report at his office.”

(Headline: National Detective Magazine, story adopted from The Barrister Online.)

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