“Their Occultic Exploits, Include Using Personal Handkerchiefs To Swipe Ladies Private Part And Place It In The Pot of Charm To a-peace The Charm And Boost It’s Money Yielding Capacity” Says Comrade Gafuna Ganma By Charles Edet National Detective Magazine Online December 5, 2022.The quest for quick money and get rich overnight without any visible source of income has assumed a very dangerous dimension in the lives of youth in the country and is eating deep into the moral fabrics of a section Nigeria. This developing trend is particularly on the rise in southeast, south south and south west youths. This is what is killing young men today in Nigeria, most especially in Igboland, Edo and Làgos, with a charm called Okeite! ( The Big Pot)When s yahoo boy is spraying money, anywhere, they are seen muttering an incantation, “ go and return with more” as they smile and cheering up whomever they are spraying the money. If you see any yahoo boy spending money lavishly, this is what he’s into. The originally known yahoo system where emails are sent to unsuspecting victims abroad is no longer invoke as EFCC has drastically forced the drivers of the yahoo cartel to change their pattern to avoid the long arm of the law. The EFCC persistence to eradicate yahoo, reduced its profiteering tendencies, thus rendering the Ordinary yahoo, “a no longer paying venture.” Therefore, to get big pay, the yahoo experts now go into Occultic Charms, by engaging the services of native doctors with ability to make them rich, convince their targets into accepting to pay for their multi million proposals, which works for them.The least an experienced native doctor can charge a person to prepare this charm is said to be N1.5 million. Some native doctors according to the source , charge as high as N3million. Some don’t charge; what they do is to collect percentage of whatever you realize from time to time. Traders won want to be patronized in their businesses and want to be excessively rich, also do this charm. According to a repentant source, who requested for anonymity said, he is seeking for deliverance because his time is about to be complete five years and the fear of death has engulfed him. He said the charm is called “money ritual”, (ogwu ego). The narration has it that the native doctors prepare the charm with bat, and other dangerous species of birds, bitter herbs, roots and barks of spiritual trees like the (ogilisi). It was further revealed that the main ingredients were dog parts and human parts. The native doctors and the yahoo boys collude and work directly with mortuary attendants. They request from the mortuary attendants, the needful parts of those who died through road accident and others who died young , at an unripe age. They yahoo and their voodoo accomplice, the native doctors also go for the parts of women who had no children. Any native doctor who knows how to prepare this, is reported also be an occult native doctor, without being one, the vibration will sweep the native doctor’s life within a period. The kickback is usually harsh on the native doctors. In this category of charm is the powerful *Ibobo isi atu. Ibobo is hung on the wall. Celebrities do it. Contractors, drug people, security heads and lawyers who want to be feared do it. They do it to command respect and be feared and get attracted to important people’s admiration. It’s a very dangerous charm. It’s almost more dangerous and costly than Okeite. Anybody who has Ibobo is feared for no reason. People listen where they talk. As a Contractor, your own bidding is first considered. It carries force of attraction. The glory of a person who has it holds people down. Another one is **udu ako mmili (a calabash that never lacks water). It’s more like okeite. It takes the same process to prepare. Another one under this category is ***Okeawele. Traders, transporters and farmers do this mostly. Another one is what is called ****aro agba aka (year will never go by without making a person wealthy). It’s a new discovery under this category and seems to be the deadliest. These are some of the things you tap as grace in the lives of some people you think are rich. Funny enough there is no stupendously rich person that is involved in any of these as there sources of income are known from their youthful days.What those involved in them can afford are Benz, houses and money to spend on women and spray at events. That’s all. Nobody involved in any of these act is ever counted amongst the wealthy men and women in the society. The side effects are said to be bigger than what they offer. They continue losing family members from time to time. They seize some people’s ability to give birth. Some may give birth, but the baby will die on delivery. Sometimes, their biological mother follows it. They destroy children. Some don’t live more than five years. But the money will be coming. On dying, their properties collapse as they came. Apart from the lethal effects, they don’t have peace of mind while alive. They will never assist anyone with the money. They often bring things into the pot, the more the money flows. It booms more when the handkerchief used in cleaning a woman’s private part after sex is put into the pot. That’s when some young girls are seen, go mad or find it hard to give birth. The pot boils like never before. Some bring charred human parts, moreover those babies and young girls whose blood is still fresh.The truth is that the native doctor doesn’t know the people the charms will take as sacrifice. The charms pick randomly. Sometimes, a family member or close friends can die without knowing they died at your instance. The charms select and consume their victims and they don’t tell the clients when and who they are to spiritually eliminate.This is why a rich person in a family suspected to be behind another’s death can come out boldly and swear with their life and nothing harms them. And once the pot stops frothing, the time for the person to go has come. That’s when you find some young boys die of road accident or go mad or die in mysterious ways. Therefore, anyone tapping from a person’s grace just because he bought a new vehicle or built a new house, know it that you might be tapping from a strange force. No yahoo boy who has voluminous money nowadays gets it outside this means. Ordinary Yahoo stopped paying some five years ago. It’s good that, this is known to all , so that no person convinces you into regrettable life and living. That means no person should envy people they are better than. To avoid people from thinking one not working hard. The repentant yahoo boy advised youths to learn and research. “To ask questions. Don’t be jealous. Don’t envy. Don’t be disturbed by the doings of some people who don’t have known sources of income. “ He said.

Source: NCN

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