By George O. Emetuche

I attended Mass in my estate in Ikeja last Sunday, 23rd October, 2022 …where the officiating Priest told an interesting story of three men who decided to go for a party one evening… to enjoy themselves. They went sailing to their destination, and it took them an hour to get there. The men got in, danced, ate, and drank more than required. So, they felt it was time to go.

They got in their boat and began to paddle. They paddled and paddled, and paddled for seven hours but didn’t get home! What could make them to remain in the boat for seven hours? Remember, it took them only one hour to get there, but they had paddled for seven hours without getting home!

Now, it was dawn and people could see them. It was at this time that one of them splashed water on his face and that helped him to regain sanity. By this time, the effect of the alcohol had left him and he found out they didn’t move an inche! What happened? The answer is simple: They didn’t remove the boat from the anchor! This meant that they wasted efforts for over seven hours without moving an inche! This is what is called, Motionless movement, that is, efforts without results. Motion without movement.

There’s no how the boat will move if it wasn’t removed from the anchor.
To make a move in your sail, you most remove the boat from the anchor.

Anchor is an object that holds the boat in a particular place. The boat can’t move when it is hung on the anchor.

There are many anchors in life endeavours.
In life situations, anchor represents a lot of things. Anchor can be unforgiving spirit that hold people down. It may come in form of envious and jealous heart. It could be weakedness. It may come in form of negative attitude.
My mentor Brian Tracy described negative attitude as a flat tyre. The vehicle won’t move until the tyre is changed.

A lot of folks are paddling a boat that is tied to an anchor. A lot of folks are involved in motionless movement!

Boat held on an anchor can be seen in our business and personal lives. Not letting go of the wrong path is the simplest definition of a boat on an anchor. No! The anchor must be removed to have a beautiful sail.
There must be a paradigm shift.
There must be a new way of doing things. The old way, gets the old result.

Life is neutral. Life is not partial. I have written a lot in this area. I have consistently maintained that life will give you what you gave to it. The more you give to life, the more you receive from life. If you want more from life, be ready to invest more in life. It’s that simple.

Free yourself and fly, as Oyi of Oyi, Sen Chuba Okadigbo of the blessed memory would say.
A bird won’t fly, until it spreads its wings.

Set free from the anchor and enjoy your sail. Set free and move forward.

It takes discipline to follow Process. The Law of Process encourages folks to do the right things before setting out.
If the men in the story observed the Law of Process, they would have noticed that their boat was still on the anchor.
Three of them
won’t be drunk at the same time in the first place, if they observed Process. One of them would have remembered the importance of being lucid, expecially when they were on a voyage.
Discipline is key. Process is everything.

A lot of people would have gone far in life if they understood that life is about Process, Principles and Goals. Folks would have lesser battles to fight if they live life of principles and goals.
Process defines sequence.
Principles talk about Values, which tells what to do in tough situations.
Goals give defined direction. It tells what you set out to achieve.

A lot of folks who fail to remove their boats from the anchor don’t understand the life of process, principles and goals. They just want to move, even if it means motion without movement!

You see, there’s an Igbo Name I like to use to close my thoughts here, and that name is Osita Di Mma, Odi Ka Odibara Gboo: When you get it right today, it would seem as if it was right from the beginning. The time is always right to do the right thing.

Check if your boat is still held on the anchor.
It’s time to move forward.
To sail forward, the boat must be removed from the anchor.
The time is now!

Keep moving forward!

George O. Emetuche, Convener, Nigeria Sales Conference.

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